Writing Guidelines

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Our mission statement for the publication is “Do more than just inform or entertain”. We work on the value of being succinct and clear. Emphasizing on valuing time of people, who read us.

KISS: Keep It Simple Silly

This cliché applies to us pervasively. Starting from the words we use, they have to be short and within the vocabulary of a commoner. To sentences, they have to be concise and simple, reading should be a pleasant experience, and it shouldn’t be brainer due to reasons of syntax. Use short paragraphs, it keeps away the reader from the feeling of being lost in the middle of nowhere.

  • Each article should be snappy, informative and brief.
  • Know your target audience, before penning down the article.
  • Have a voice, be interesting and human.
  • Use consistent tone and style throughout the article.
  • Never publish the content on the same day, you write it.

Ethical Consideration

Always ensure that if you’re using a picture or screenshot from a personal profile then the person should be informed beforehand. If you’re taking a screenshot from a public page or profile then it’s not necessary however hiding the name of the person is preferred in some cases.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Use <h3> for all sub headings.
  • Title case the post title (every major word is uppercase).
  • Link back from the article directory where possible.
  • Social integration should be your primary source for media files otherwise use GIFs.
  • All media files should be center aligned.
  • Screenshots should always be high-res preferably in PNG format.

Type of Content

Insights – A detailed analytical article on how things work, new emerging sub-cultures, social connections, layers and hierarchies within the campus setting and more on the same line. This is a featured story hence published only once a month (1000 – 1500 words).

Tutorials – Most of the articles that fall in the category of “How-To’s” and “Guides” are generally considered to be tutorials. It should be brief and comprehensive in nature (800 – 500 words).

Creative Expression – Poems. Prose. Illustrations. Anything and everything goes here. Just make sure it aligns with our broader theme. We respect ideas. But it is just that sometimes it doesn’t fall within what we value (no word limit).

Social Aggregation – These are more casual quirky articles with social media integration from the students defining their campus experience in an unfiltered personalized way (300 – 450 words).

Pop-Cults-Post –  A large number of posts on Campus Cult falls into this category. They are crafted to be short and sweet with a maximum reading time of 2-3 minutes. As the name suggest, it’s loaded with buzzwords and pop culture references. There’s no restriction upon the source, it widely depends on the target audience. If people in your campus watch K-Pop go ahead link that. If people can relate more to anime or Bollywood or local TV shows at your campus then you’re free to do so (300 – 450 words).

Featured Themes

We cover all those random quirky fun things you do at your campus but with a few pre-defined parameters. Here are a few categories that are featured on the blog:

  • Jugaard – Life hacks to survive college.
  • Complain Box – Rants, whines and “Yaar, I can’t do this anymore”.
  • Paparazzi – The freshest hottest campus gossip.
  • Insurgents – Stories of people who make you question your entire existence.
  • Mufta – Guides to spend your 4 years as mufta on campus.
  • Bachelor Party – Your chance to be that single friend who has never been into a relationship but can give you 100% working solution to make relationships work.
  • Cheap Thrills – 1001 ways to have fun without cash kyu ke hum sub eternally broke hain.
  • With Love, From Snowden – Leak out top-level secrets that will keep us updated about all the conspiracy theories. For those who’ve an eye on administration, management, and faculty.
  • Fashion – Lessons on how to show up at 8 a.m. classes like every day is a presentation day.
  • High on Campus – Thematic pop culture references that aptly define your campus experience.
  • Campus Rescue – DIY tutorials to be the jack-of-all on campus.

Along with those categories we cover a few more things that showcases the campus culture in one way or other. Feel free to pitch in new ideas. We encourage out of the box thinking so if you’ve something amazing for our audience then we’ll be happy to stretch our boundaries.
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