Why LUMS’ 2017’s Seniors Slayed it like Never Before!

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LUMS’ senior year must feel like a time bomb – every passing second making you more anxious about the farewell blast.

Since I’m a soph come junior, I can’t fully relate to how it feels like graduating but one thing for sure, it must be a very confusing feeling – completing your 4 years bachelors and having a degree while saying a final goodbye to your second home and besties. However, it’s not only the seniors who miss the campus and its happening life but all the remaining junior batches too long for their presence. Well, therefore they say,

Individually, we all might have a lot to say to our seniors but as a whole, we should admit that our seniors were the most enthusiastic senior batch LUMS has ever had. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that LUMS’ 2017’s batch slayed it like never before. They deserve to be appreciated.

Starting with a mind blowing O-week…

Undoubtedly, last year’s O-week simply blew our minds! It was fun, exciting as well as overwhelming. Although it’s not just the senior batch who makes O-week such a success but being at the top positions, they go an extra mile to ensure everything is well organized as well as well-executed.

Celebrating the prolonged color week…

In my freshmen year, I remember, the senior batch celebrated the color week in the spring semester only. I guess that’s what usually happens. However, the 2017’s seniors celebrated the color week twice: once in the fall and the other in the spring semester.

They seemed more excited to display their colorful personalities.

Being the cutest dakus ever…

Daku day has always been the most happening day of the year, but this time it was over the board. Our senior dakus were not just wearing black kurtas but had kajal in their eyes, ajraks around their waists, chains on their wrists yet a cute smile on their faces. Some were even dressed like policemen.

One of them was actually carrying handcuffs to lockdown masuum juniors. You must have guessed him 😛 Harris, obviously.

Throwing an extra Batch Night…

How can we forget that spontaneous batch night with killer music? And that Benazir song was cheery on the top!

Making Desi/Paindu day grand with their designer outfits and hilarious shadi…

I guess our seniors actually had a lot of time which is why all of them were wearing dresses out of the world, especially those five guys who got their pink jeans and bright yellow shirts designs by Levi’s in Anarkali Bazaar.

With our painduu seniors 😄 PainduDay’17

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And how can we not mention the desi Shadi when dulha waley and dulhan waley were super excited for the baraat.

This time even our SSE seniors had their own separate shadi in SSE, jahan dulhan bike pe rukhsat hui thi 😛

Dancing the hell out on Yo Day…

Dyed hair, tattooed arms, cool neck chains, funky shorts, huge glasses, holding huge speakers and dancing outside PDC – it wasn’t impossible to recognize our seniors.

Introducing Coachella and School day to the farewell week…

Okay, so this was something new and pretty cool. Our seniors wearing cools flowery maxis and hats, giving beachy feels.

And the other day, they came out wearing their siblings’ school uniform to recreate their school memories :’)

Now that you guys are leaving, we wanna tell you that you have been amazing seniors. May you always remain super enthusiastic about everything you do in life.
Campuscult wishes you all the luck! 😉

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