Wanna Be In DHL This Semester? 4.0s’ Study Secrets Finally Revealed!

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It seems like yesterday when the semester started, and within no time the finals are around the corner. I know I know you didn’t even get enough time to chill at Khokha or plan a movie night in your friend’s room but this is what happens every semester. In LUMS, time literally flies.

Many of us are still living in the bubble ‘abhi tu time hai yar… chill karo‘. So here we are to pop your bubble and tell you the harsh reality that you have no more than 2 weeks to save your grades. **evil laughs**

I know what you are thinking, ‘yeh sub itna jaldi kese hogaya. abhi tu muje instructor ka naam b yaad nhi hua‘ :'( ‘Can I stop existing. Please. Or give me some time!’

But unlike most lumintes, there are some smart thetas who went an extra mile to prepare for the final combat. Since they are always consistent with their academics while cooping up with other activities, they end up scoring a 4.0 or at least a DHL.

study secrets
But what about us, the poor average luminites? So even if you are not very smart, didn’t study the whole semester, never attended any 8 am class, missed most of your quizzes, and almost screwed up your projects, there is still hope.
We have got hands on something priceless and very secretive!! Shhhhhhh… The invaluable study secrets of the DHL thetas!!
study secrets

Know your strength and always bug your seniors

I always keep a balance. Like I know my math and writing skills were good so I spend less time on courses like WnC, Calculus and Prob, and more on pure Accounting or finn courses. Also, I annoy my seniors A LOT for advice on everything. LIKE A LOT.
Fatima Durani (SDSB Soph)

Slow and steady wins the race

Even though I have no clue how to manage my time, I’d do well. Just because I love the course content. Otherwise my aim would be, go to the library, study whatever interests me or sit with pen and paper and explore some random physics idea that I had. More often than not my explorations would lead me back to something in one of my courses! So that means I have a very different take on concepts in the course. Practicing like that made my concepts quite clear.

But the downside of that is that its slow learning. So if you have lots of new courses that you don’t know much about, this technique works too slowly. It’s slow, but it really makes you an original thinker.
Asad Hussain (SSE Junior)

Don’t forget, Instructor’s always right

Don’t skip or flunk a quiz because of n-1. Take each quiz very seriously. Also don’t focus on what the book/course says. Focus on what the instructor says and wants you to do. Because this isn’t like the international exams that we had. Here, the instructor’s the boss.
Fatima Shahid (SDSB Soph)

Consistency is your savior

Make excellent notes, study the material before the lecture and revise it immediately afterward. Never underestimate anything as too easy, it will come and bite you in the ass. Also, if you got a 10 on a quiz, don’t float in the clouds, and if you fell below the mean, chill out. How you do over the course of the semester is all going to add up.
Maryum Mudassir (SSE Soph)

Pause, Plan and Practice

Planning is extremely important! whether its a day or the whole semester, plan out everything. What course, which instructor, where to study, what to study – make a clear picture in your mind. If you have aimed to complete a chapter, don’t move till you get every bit of it. And when you are done, it time to treat yourself. Well in my case its a Shah Rukh Khan movie 😛
Zain Mushtaq (SDSB Soph)

Honesty is the best policy

Be extremely honest with your courses. Attend each lecture and study with complete concentration. If you don’t get anything, Ask. Go to the teacher and TAs. Whatever you study in one lecture, before going to the next class, make sure that you completely know what you studies before.
And trust me it’s very much possible if you put your efforts in “learning” instead of “just running after the grade”.
Bizzah Batool Jafri (SSE Soph)
If you too are a DHL, share your study secrets to help your suffering fellows. Dil bara rakho yar 😉
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