Top Rivalries at LUMS! Opps.. When Sh*t Gets Real!

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Rivalries are everywhere, no matter where you go. You might witness rivalries at some of the most sophisticated places one like LUMS. Although when it comes to on-campus rivalries, they are quite are funny and stereotypical. Based on some previous mindsets, assumptions, and spontaneous jokes, these disagreements are either meant to troll the opponent or just to have fun.

Some of the hottest rivalries at LUMS revolve around,

Theetas v/s Vailay

When the competition is about getting good grades, disputes and jealousy are inevitable. At LUMS, the carefree and ever-chilling luminites believe that “the hottest place in the hell is reserve for those who raise the mean of the class.”

This is the reason why non-theetas miss no chance to comment on the barbarity of thetas for raising the grade threshold and ruining their “grades”.

On the other hand, our parhako theetas don’t give a damn about the unconditional hatred they are receiving . Why? Because they already have a long list of courses to take care for, along with several pages of readings and assignments to be done.


Business Students v/s Engineers

The lifestyle of SDSB students, their easy schedules, impressive communication skills, unlimited party-scene-on nights, infinite number of bachiyan, in short all their shashkey takes away the life of poor, calamity-stricken, introvert SSE students.

When these business students are partying all night, even before exams, our over-burdened engineers are stuck in their freaking SSE labs. However, in a face-off with them, our genius science-minds never fail to puzzle them with intriguing scientific concepts so that they never pick a fight with them again. (Cool Move Engineers!)


LGS v/s Luminite

Oh this LGS awam!! SERIOUSLY!! Wherever they meet, they start talking about their “golden days” at LGS, their extraordinary instructors and start sharing their stories – most of which are irrelevant to the rest of audience.

O bhai, we are genuinely not interesting in your JT STORIES!.

This is one thing that makes LGS students different from the rest of the Luminites. Especially when it comes to elections for student council, students from LGS become one united body and say out loud, “winner tu JT ka hi hona chahiye”.

Also, Luminites (from GC especially) never leave a single chance to make fun of their LGSmania.


CS v/s EE

It has now become a universal campus fact that CS department has more girls than EE, which is a matter of serious concern for engineers. On the other hand, the motivation of CS students is directly proportional to the number of girls in the class. Another reason why EE students feel envious to CS ones is the prospect “low job markets” for Engineers after graduation.

Engineers be like,
Had 20 credit hours in each semester, and only 20k salary after graduation!! WTF!! 🙁


Lahoris v/s Karachites

This is the most common rivalry all around Pakistan. Whether it is “beach vs Raavi” ,Biryani v/s Pulao” , “Juggat v/s Adab” , “Tafree v/s Shughal“, “Gantey vs Ghaentey“, politics, cricket match, show-biz or beauty , Karachites and Lahoris are always up to pull each others’ leg.

Lahoris make fun of their accent and unique sentence structures when karachites say ” Nahi kara?” and “bol-la hoon” , while Karachiites being intolerant, respond to their jokes as “Sasti Juggaten”.


So which one is your favorite rivalry on campus? Comment below and let us know.

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Written by Usama Imam

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS.
Believer before a dreamer.
Simplicity, respect, patience and attitude.