5 Killer Tips to Spice up Your 8 AM Classes at LUMS

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You know LUMS’ 8 am can be a bad bad idea when you decide to write your blog post then and your mind’s still wide a’dreaming. So imagine what a horror story could be an 8 am class?

You know when people say:

It’s “THAT” simple you know?!

But life ain’t that fair, is it? Poor souls end up in early classes quite often. Why? well for graduate requirements, core courses or a slip of mindwhateverrr!!!


But don’t worry DEAR CHILD….. it’s Fairy God Mother to the rescue!!!

Here she brings you 5 killer tips to spice up your 8 am classes.

1. Get your stuff ready the night before

And by stuff it means your clothes, notebooks, stationary whatever you need for the 8 am class. Smells of school days eh?!

Because with girls, life is a mess and we never have nothing good to wear. With guys, even bermudas shorts would do! Sadly it’s a class at LUMS and not a lazy sunday, so DEAR BOYZ and Galz…get yoazzkikkin PLEASE! *Fairy God Mother begs on her knees*

2. Value your sleep

With all the hull and charm of campus life, one might end up thinking “dear sleep,  I miss you so much!” But boy to remedy out on your 8 am classes, you need to be with her (Dear Sleep). Fairy God Mother won’t excuse this one.

Whether it is your annoying girlfriend, creepy bedbugs or the crazy spiderweb thoughts in your head, make your SLEEP the only one you sleep with. Trust me on this one Dear Child :’)

3. Coffee to the Rescue

That’s THAT right? We direly need this aab-e-hayat in order to get through the 8 am patch. Get hold of some instant coffee sachets to get it made at the dorm or just ask your sweet mum (You Darn Day-scholars) for caffee, tea, chaa whatever you like and gulp it up on your way to the dreary 8 am class!

4. Hit the corner spot or the back seat

Okay so you didn’t follow your Fairy God Mother’s Golden words on Sleep and here you are yawning while trying to kick these eyelids to open up! Here’s what the least you can do now. Uh you Lazy Millennials. Who even named you that? *Fairy God Mother Pulls her Hair*

5. Set your Roomie/Sissy/Mum as the backup alarm

And for those of you who accidentally hit snooze/turn off when the melodious alarm goes off – yeah that’s me too- you need a real life TikTok. And if you’re lucky enough -well you would know that after a few experiments – you would have a sis, a roommate or even your mum to take care of waking you up. But beware of sissys…. They might do all the cute sort of things from turning on Pitbull and dancing round the room to pouring cold water jugs to stuffing toothpaste in your mouth! Man who does that 6 in the morning? Crazy Creatures!

So follow up to these quick picks and have a:

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Written by Bisma Ahmad

Peaches and Tea - I prefer the word "chaa" - get me going through the day. While a messy bun that my life is, I try sprinkling my charm that my mum calls "nahoosat". Currently, stuck at LUMS. Hoping to drop out soon!