12 Tweets That Are Too Real For Anyone on Student Loan at Habib University

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Unlike other universities in Pakistan, Habib University is doing a number of things differently. Unfortunately, the cost of this change has to be paid by the students. The approach is different in various ways such as almost half of the student body has to pay Student Loan which isn’t the case in other private universities. After all, the annual fees is 9 lac for Arts & Social Sciences whereas the fee for Engineering courses is 12 lac. Since not a lot of people can afford the luxury of getting quality education, many fall in the trap and agree for the financial aid in form of student loans.

Following are some tweets that will give you a better picture of how life seems like if you’re unfortunate enough to not get a good scholarship from Habib University.

1. This is how the fee breakdown looks like to you and your parents

2. The brightness of your future lies in that flame only

3. Because we’re all eternally broke (and not just financially)

4. Don’t even have to wait for Age 25, you get the feelz just after 2 days of the semester

5. With a degree in SDP or CND, this seems like the most “accurate af” thing in our lives

6. And how can we forget the “Generous Financial Aid”

7. When the death option is better than your life after graduation

8. You can easily imagine Andaleeb or anyone from Office of Student Finance doing this to you


9. You don’t have to check the Bibliography for these kind of research reports because you’re one of the 91%

10. Isn’t this the best pickup line ever?

11. Consequently, your fantasies change over time with all that course load and tiresome internships

12. The value of your tears is only understood by Pakalu Papito

This might be an over-exaggeration for some but a lot of students who are on student loan go through perpetual anxiety that hits them throughout the semester. This results in the death of family and social life along with a burden that disables the students from learning. This is also backed by a 2013 study published in Anxiety, Coping and Stress. It’s not new to international students but a thing like student loan is quite uncommon in Pakistan which also means that when people sign-up for this, they’re not completely aware of the reality it follows until you’re trapped into it.

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This post is written in response to Dr. Naqvi’s statement on 23rd January 2017 in Hikma lecture which according to my poor comprehension skills roughly meant something like, we should pay attention to the class because all of us are privileged to get this one-of-it’s-kind education that too for FREE.

I find it quite offending because:

a. I am one of the many students who have to pay student loan.

b. Students even on 100% scholarship have worked their ass off to achieve it.

c. Some students who are on less than 70% scholarship are still paying more than what other universities charge in Pakistan.

d. This is insanely disrespectful to add a monetary value to education which is invaluable rather than free of cost.

Why are these jokes only ridiculous when Trump makes them?

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Written by Ramsha Afaq

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