Summer Semester be like


Struggles of summer semester at LUMS

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Its summer. You must be packing and going home. Right? But o wait “did you enroll for summer semester?’. Damn you just have fallen into the trap. Now forget all those “get-together” and “reunion” plans and all those “trips” to refresh yourself because you are not going ANYWHERE. Enjoy LUMS LIFE and relate to following summer semester struggles

It all starts with enrollment

Well! At LUMS, things don’t usually start with Nescafe :-p
You are enrolling into summer semester just to fulfill credit hours to graduate on time. You know it!


First Day of Classes

You come to classes full of excitement and zeal but only in the halfway of lectures, you will be ALREADY BORED. Now, you can only regret for the wrongs you have begun.

Ramzan, Burning Campus and Study:

A perfect scenario for a true warrior. Brace Yourself warrior!


Unresolved PDC issues

And now there are very less people to rant about it. Zulm ki inteha!


Eid just before mids

Eid is one of the happiest occasions but is it now? This is the last thing you want. The burden of mid-term exams will ruin you Eid-day celebrations and these words of Chris Martin will be yours:
“When you get what you want, but not what you need…”

Mids be like

Missing Khokha Life

All or most of your friends have gone home and here you are taking summer semester alone. After some time, you will start missing your friends and trust me whenever you pass through Khokha you will recall all those khokha sessions you had with your friends.

Hello darkness my old friend


Envying others

Not all but specifically those who are doing internships and building their CVs and here you are burning with your CGPA.


Dorms will haunt you

Entering almost empty hostel, going into your wing, that narrow dark alley will haunt you. And what if your room no. also contains “13”. And you just remembered a black cat passed you at khokha too. *OH SUPERSTITIOUS ME*


Life becomes dull

You are lazy and this semester will polish you laziness skills and make your life dull too because there are no events and concerts to add colour to your life. You will miss the buzz!


Longest Semester Ever:

Even a tortoise goes faster than the summer semester. The Great Wall of China may end but this boring semester will feel like the longest semester of your life. Believe me!

RO Decides no deadweek (mostly)

RO: Don’t wait for tomorrow, start it today
Me: To study hard, I don’t wait for tomorrow unless I got a tomorrow.

RO: OK! No dead week this time.
RO Be like *Desperate times call for desperate measures*

One thing to cheer:

You will find the empty cabin in library to prepare for your finals. The IST labs will always be free too. The only good thing in summer semester.

Final week:

For the first time in LUMS tenure you will be happy and long for final week. Not because that you are confident about you preparation but due to the fact that the curse will be going to end soon.



Well! I do not want to talk about them in public. But let me tell you one thing: taking summer semester will not always lift your grades. It has complete tendency of screwing your CGPA as well!


Did I miss anything? Comment below and let me know too!

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