6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Seniors at LUMS

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In LUMS, seniors be like: You made it to LUMS. Welcome! But if you are asking weird questions: Die please.

Your seniors are your benefactors only as long as you do not cross the line. THE LINE might not be very clear but revolves around the following questions.

1. What is your GPA?

I mean, seriously! Is this the only thing you want to ask?What fortunes this “PRECIOUS” piece of information would bring to you?

No matter what, seniors won’t reply to this silly drone attack. Many of them will get offended and laugh in a disruptive manner. But some might punch you right in the face, so be careful 😛


P.S. After one year, you will automatically understand why asking for someone’s GPA is a crime. (and getting a good GPA an unethical act).

2. How can I ace calculus-1?

“Sedhi si baat ha. Ye to hamein bhi ni pata”.

Everyone falls prey to Cal 1 as it’s a university core. And once you have fallen into the pit, you look up to your seniors  for help. But unfortunately, they have nothing else to offer you except dilasa 🙁

P.S.  Use the word “pass” instead of “ace”. Just to add a little humility.

3. Are you really interested in your major?

You simply cannot ask a more stupid question than this one. I mean someone has spent most of his LUMS live studying a major and here you are asking for their interests! You cannot put your seniors in a more awkward situation than this.

Still looking for an answer? Well, it will be a “yess…” that will be followed by a question mark asking you to kindly SHUT UP!

 4. Daku-Day ka kiya scene hai?

“As a senior, I am not allowed to tell you about it.”

You will not get anything more than this straight reply. If you keep on bugging them, they will say:
“Mela lgta ha. Khushbu laga ke aur jaibein garam karke aana”

5. What’s the mystery behind Sports Complex?

“Iska kiya matlab hua bhai?”

Samaj jao… somethings are to be discovered by yourself 😉

6. Which society in LUMS is the best?

You must be expecting a straight answer but your seniors might not be this straight (figuratively :P) They might boast off their humorous skills rather than helping you out. Don’t you believe me?


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