Top 5 Places at LUMS Where You Can Sleep Peacefully

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Sleep and LUMS are closely related. The beautifully spacious campus has a number of places where students can rest and sleep without any disturbance. Moreover, these places are not just limited to hostelites, as day scholars too can enjoy a peaceful sleep here because sleep deprivation unites all the Luminites. The top 5 places at LUMS to sleep are the following,

1. Library

Peaceful environment, chill ACs, and comfy sofas, library certainly offers perfect conditions for a sound sleep.

You might not believe but a number of day scholars carry a pillow in their bags and sleep in the upper portion of the library in the gap hours.

places at LUMS to sleep

This is the reason why many people prefer to not to enter library even during finals..

2. DRs

DRs in LUMS are for the sake of discussions, group studies and interviews, and are usually occupied by MBA students. But if you get lucky enough to find a vacant DR, it can also be utilized for a nap during the gap between classes.

3. 8am Classes

Even if you are suffering from Insomnia, you can’t resist the sleep charm of an 8 am class. There you will experience the most meethi neend of your life.

4. Common Room

I know I know common rooms are usually too noisy to fall asleep. But one can enjoy a suhani neend in its cool environment, as long as the seniors don’t break in and start their sutta party. 

5. Your Own Room

If you’ve a calm room-mate and nice wing-mates then your own room is the best place to sleep. But what if you are a day scholar? Then make hostelite friends 😉 jab zarurat ho tu gadey ko b baap banana parta hai 😛

places at LUMS to sleep

So from all these places at LUMS to sleep which one is your favourite?

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Written by Usama Imam

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS.
Believer before a dreamer.
Simplicity, respect, patience and attitude.