LUMS’ Spring Enrollment: Did You Also Get an Anxiety Attack?

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So after a sansani-khaez innings, students getting anxiety attacks, RO being cursed, zambeel getting crashed, and IST getting flooded by luminites , the first phase of the LUMS’ enrollment came to an end. What a match it was!! People battling over courses, for their favorite instructors, and for NO-8-AM-CLASSES!

While students were going through so much, RO was like 41328299

Now that the heat of the first phase is cooling down, let’s see what are the mixed views of students regarding this mindbogglingly (at times dramatic) race of winning courses.

Before Enrollment:

A week or two before the enrollment, LUMS Discussion Forum was flooded with posts regarding course details, instructors reviews, grading criteria, credit hours, timings, and what not!

During Enrollment:

Khokha pe sanata, road sunsaang, pdc khali, gym viraan! Where is everybody? IST!!! RUNNNNN…..

Is there any black Friday sale in IST?


Yeh darwaza kab khuleyga bhai!!


If you didn’t get a seat don’t worry. There are nice people who have reserved it for you, but at a price!


As the clock hit 7:30, there was a bombardment of enrollment errors


Kehna kia chahtey ho bhai?

LUMS' enrollment

Not a single course! Poor soul :'(


Zambeel being a badass

e5After Enrollment:

The tubsiraa period..


kardey koi, nawazishen karam mehrbaniyan..



Please yar


Jo course dena hai dedo, bss 8 am na do!


Course trading business, not a bad idea


Nothing’s working out? Apne Umer bhai hain na 😉


Didn’t get my courses, I guess its the end of the world!


Any final thoughts about RO?



Is there anybody who’s Happy!

You might not believe this, but the all time poor SSE people are quite happy! Because no body dares to take their courses 😛


Done donna done




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