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Lost Your Room Keys? How to Fix it Without going to the Warden!

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Coming back to hostel life is a hell lot of excitement! Catching up with friends, sharing your stories of dreadful vacations, flaunting your new shoes and bag, late night khokha chillings and singing songs at the top of your lungs – its like stepping back into your dream life. But after all the awaragardi and stupidities, when you get back to your room, put you hands in your pocket or clutch, something horrible happens. You don’t find your room keys there – qasam se paron taley zameen khisak jati hai! Like seriously? Just a few days back I checked in to my hostel and now my keys are gone :'( How can I be so careless! What’s wrong with me!

But now that you have lost your keys, what next?

Obviously if your dad owns 5 to 6 sugar mills, you should definitely go to the warden, hand her/him a karak  thousand rupees note and ask for a new bunch of keys. However, if you are among the majority who can’t even imagine to spend such a huge chunk of their pocket money on keys instead of food, there are a few hacks to deal with the issue. Just don’t tell your warden that you don’t need their angry stares anymore 😛

Roommate kab kaam ayega 😉

For days like these it is said that roomie se bana k rakho warna room k bahir saroo 😛

Tell your roommate that you have lost your keys and now both of you should adjust till you find a solution. When I lost my keys, my roommate used to lock the room and place the keys on the vent above it. So for more than 2 months, everything was under control even without my room keys. But then my roommate is one extraordinary exemption. 😉

If you too are doing so, make sure no one sees you placing your keys in the vent otherwise chabiyun k sath sath laptop be gayab hojaega.

Email to Students Events


Many of you might think its useless but it actually works. At times people find stuff around the campus but forget to submit it at the lost and found office. Your email can remind them to submit your keys asap. Just don’t forget to mention when and where you lost your keys.

H Block k Chabi Waley Uncle Zindabaad

If your keys have gone to some Bermuda Triangles, its okay. You still don’t need to go to the warden. Instead, you can take your roommate’s key and get its duplicate one from H Block. There are several key smiths there but the cheapest of them charges only 200 rupees for a single key. Still saving 800 rupees guys.

Here is his number in case you are not very familiar with DHA and alphabetical blocks, 03244557670.

Keep Checking Lost and Found

Lost and found is located at the in gate’s security office. The officers there keep a propmt track of everything that has been submitted there as a lost item. Go to them, tell them the date and suspected place where you lost your keys and they might turn out to be the saviors to hand you your keys.

And When You Finally Find It

Spare key can save your life

Even if you haven’t lost your keys as yet or have already gotten a new one, its better to get a spare key for your room. You can keep it with a friend of yours from another room.

Do you have any interesting or funny story about your lost keys? We want to know about it.

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