Everything You Need to Know About LUMS’ PDC!

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Let’s get straight to the point – luminites are foodies! Whether you are pulling an all-nighter to study (which is usually a deception) or you have plans for a movie night, you need loads of good food. And if you are assuming Pepsi Dining Center (PDC) has been gracious enough to serve luminites with luscious food, you are mistaken! LUMS’ PDC food and good taste – you must be kidding.

Opps!! *reality-check for freshies*, while for the rest of the LUMS community: ‘tell us something new bro!’
PDC has been cursed for ruining students’ taste buds since forever. There are so many stories associated with the place that outsiders now don’t come to explore the spectacular SSE building, but to discover what’s so absurd about LUMS dining center. Yes! Everyone wants to know why this place is blacklisted yet so close to luminites’ heart.

So, here we are answering all your questions and revealing all the inside secrets about this place. Trust me there are so many fascinating things about LUMS’ PDC you never knew before.

Dur ke Dhol Suhaney hotey hain

* One fine day, stepping out of the Academic Block*

Like the rest of the campus, PDC too has a beautiful red-brick building that is quite welcoming.

So far so good.

Why are the interiors so damn boring?

But as you enter the dining hall, it feels like a government boarding school. Wooden chairs and tables with dull yellow lights – not so appealing.

Some freshies go like, ‘we had better expectations from LUMS! But maybe the food can compensate it’.

And here comes the food

Way too oily sabzi
Same masur ki daal
Okayish rice
And horrible tasting chicken

Whaaaat!! Seriously?

Is this a roti or chewtoy?

Please don’t complain about the roti. You can’t chew it, and LUMS’ PDC can’t help it.

Am I in PDC or the library?

The walls might give you library feels. But thank god it’s not very quite otherwise thetas would have occupied it too.

The struggle of explaining your exact location inside PDC

Aaaaaahhhh!! Just leave it.

The biryani war

Thursday, it’s the official biryani day! Getting a tray and a plate of biryani with raita and kabab is a real accomplishment! Once you get it, you are so proud of yourself :’)

How we know it’s Jummah! #justLUMSthings #biryani #desi

A photo posted by Mohsin Ali Khan (@mohsinlangrial) on Feb 13, 2015 at 12:04am PST

Those cute chefs though

Always welcoming you with a pleasant smile, these chefs give you the strength to bear the food. Do praise them whenever you like any of their meals. It brings a genuine smile on their faces.

You can spot a celebrity

Looking for your crush or a trending LUMS celebrity? PDC is your place. At least Sibtain Haider was spotted here quite frequently.

Do you have coins?

Does anybody have change? No? Donate it or buy toffees.

Ideal place for batch photos

Whether its the white day, pajama party day or daku day, outside the LUMS’ PDC is the best place to gather everyone for a batch photo.

At least the tissues are for free

Pay your bill and get a free tissue! But just ONE! Okay?

Monday again ? bt at least we are being served with some good breakfast ?

A photo posted by Fatima.PK (@fatimaperwaizkhan) on Oct 25, 2015 at 9:39pm PDT

Nothing can beat PDC’s elaichi wali chai

How to release out your stress? Grab a cup of elaichi chai and sit in PDC’s quiet window. its not very easy to find a quiet window though.

And their sweet dishes are LOVE!

I don’t know what they add to their sweet delights. They have the magic to soothe your ruined taste buds. Oh those mouthwatering rasgulas!! But they don’t last for long, so better be there on time!

Although PDC ka khana sucks bt its desserts are luscious!! ??❤

A photo posted by Fatima.PK (@fatimaperwaizkhan) on Sep 8, 2015 at 3:12am PDT

How can you forget PDC’s breakfast?

Okay fine PDC’s lunch and dinner are ordinary but don’t you dare say anything about its breakfast. For luminites, it’s no less than a five-star restaurant breakfast.

LUMS’ PDC – The Parivaric Dining Center

Even after so many flaws, dining here feels like home. After an exhausting day, eating with your buddies, laughing out loud, gossiping about new couples, and discussing your failing grades refill your energy for the next day.

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