Khokha – LUMS’ very own Times Square

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So what is the best way for luminites to take a few minutes break during their all-nighters? Which is the best place in LUMS to enjoy winters’ fog while sipping superstore’s coffee? Which is the ideal spot on campus to sit under open sky, giggle over crushes, gossip about your roommates, rant over your courses, discuss the philosophy of life, give a birthday surprise to a bestie, sing item songs at the top of your lungs, talk about new startups, and explore the immense diversity on campus? Obviously, all luminites will speak out loud – its our one and only KHOKHA!

A small open area, with a few green benches and a 24/7 open store, Khokha  has always been the ultimate source of relaxation and escape for luminites. If you are happy, let’s celebrate it at khokha. If you are depress, let’s whine about it at khokha. And if you are high, let’s eat at khokha ;). However, there are still some people on campus who know not about the mesmerizing charm of its tranquil place. For them, and everyone else, here we bring some extraordinary moments spent and captured by luminites at the most bustling and alive place on campus.

The magnificent transition between day and night

When sitting at Khokha took your stress away

When something exciting was always awaiting you

When it was the best way to deal with late night cravings

When khokha catch-ups made your group official

When Khokha used to look different

#lumssquare #khokha #old #lifeatlums

A photo posted by Mehrunisa Riaz (@mehrunisariaz) on

When sitting at Khokha gave meaning to your life

When monsoons made Khokha view exotic

#nofilter #LUMS #khokha

A photo posted by Ahmad Zafar (@ahmadzfr) on

When Khokha was all quiet during mids, a rare sight to see though

When cats were found to be more possessive about khokha than luminites

When Khokha mornings sparkled your day

#Khokha #Mornings #LUMUNXI

A photo posted by Abeer Mustafa (@abeermz15) on

When Khokha became the best way to beat quizzes

When sitting under Khokha trees replenished your lost energy


A photo posted by Asim Waheed (@asimwaheed29) on

When Khokha was bearly visible during winter’s fog

Chilly yet comforting at the same time #fog #lums #khokha #freezing #nighttime

A photo posted by Adnan Mahmood (@adnanmahmood1) on

When people outside LUMS bragged about being at Khokha

When Khokha was being missed :'(

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