How to Survive a DC in LUMS? People Sharing Real-time Experiences!

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What is that one thing that scares the sh*t out of luminites? Secretly dating your roommate’s girlfriend/boyfriend? Failing a course? Doing a group project with your ex? Getting your homemade food stolen from the hostel fridge? Nah. Its the Disciplinary Committee, commonly known as DC. So basically there’s nothing worse than getting DC-fied. It might even turn out to be the end of your happening and rangeen LUMS life.

It is always advised to stay away from all those activities that can end you up in a DC hearing. But then its us, all adventurous, daring people who are immensely pumped up to go an extra mile and try everything that’s wild and crazy. Lucky are you if you have never been caught by those black-dressed guards patrolling the campus 😉 but that doesn’t mean your lucky charm will always save you.


So what if you are accused for something illegal and put under a DC trial? What to do? Here’s a comprehensive guide to answer all your DC related question.

What are the most common things for which you can be DC-fied?

  • Cheating
  • Use of unfair means and unprofessional conduct
  • Damage to the university’s property
  • Plagiarism
  • Drug abuse
  • Abusive/threatening language
  • Sexual harassment

What should be my first step when you get to know you have been put under a DC inquiry?

First of all relax and calm down. Its certainly not the end of the world. One of the luminites who has survived a DC trail says, “you should investigate that whether that DC charge is even valid or not. Then you write a statement in email accordingly.”

Mehwish Sardar who is currently a member of the Student Council and looks upon the DC cases says, “when you get to know that you have been put under DC inquiry, talk to an experienced person or to the one who handles the DC cases (a council member).”

Things I should never-ever do during DC trials?

Leave your smarty-pant’s attitude outside the trial room and try to be as honest as possible. One of the survivors strictly suggests, ” you should never tell a lie. Be careful about other people’s statements which can go against you.”

If you are thinking of coming up with a fake story, make sure its consistent, as Mehwish explains, “Always speak the TRUTH during the DC trials. However, in case if you want to fabricate a story, make sure it does not have any loopholes because that might put you under another DC trial.”

Things I should know before a DC hearing?

Another student who went through a DC inquiry said, “DC is a very serious matter, therefore its extremely important to know how to talk to the person of DC COMMITTEE. Also, one should be well aware of his/her matter.” So before you enter the room, better get your facts straight.

Mehwish, on the other hand, has a very optimistic approach. She says. “before your DC hearing you should know that its not the end of the world and everything is going to be fine. Reminding this to yourself helps you maintain your confidence level before or during and even after the trial.

How helpful is student student council to handle my DC issue?

Being a member of the Student Council and supervising DC cases for an year, Mehwish says, “Student council members are quite helpful in a way that they can observe your case closely and can provide you with legal perspective on it. They can also question the transparency of student’s DC charges and the committee’s biased judgment.”

However, if you have any personal grudges with the member, phir Allah hi bachaye :P.

What if I wasn’t directly involved in the act?

There have been several cases when people were not directly involved in the act but were only present there. On inquiry, one such DC survivor said, “if you are not involved in the act, stick to your point and speak the truth. Also find the reason due to which you have been accused wrongly.

DC members decide about your direct or indirect involvement in the act through evidence.If you were not involved directly then its good to go and if you are involved directly then you might have to face the consequences“, says Mehwish.

Is the committee considerate if I accept all for which I were accused?

Another DC survivor says, “Yes they will become slightly lenient on accepting your mistake. won’t charge you much but you will still be charged.

However, according to Mehwish, it varies from case to case.

Are there any unofficial ways to survive DC in LUMS?

The answer is pretty simple: THERE ARE NO UNOFFICIAL WAYS. Sorry for the disappointment :/

What’s next if the committee finds me guilty?

According to Mehwish, “If the committee finds you guilty then they’ve to decide about the punishment as per the intensity and type of the case. It can be a reduction in grade ( in case of plagiarism), giving you one or two semesters off, warning (in case you’re a freshmen), banning your TAships, or blacklisting you from the university (worst case scenario). So it depends on the case and your luck!”

We hope you never have to face any DC inquiry.

If you have any other questions that you want us to answer, let us know in the comment box below.

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