How My Recklessness Saved Me from Failing a Course

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Recklessness isn’t definitely a very desirable trait to have but this one bad habit of being reckless has actually helped me save my grade this semester. Yes, you read it right. I didn’t fail a course, in fact I got an A- without putting in much effort. Of course, even I wasn’t expecting something like that but it’s still believable because it actually happened and once you’ll know the “how” behind it, you too can achieve a grade easily.

Getting to the point, my phone (or any other thing including my self-esteem) is never charged. I’m that person who’s phone is at 3% at any given time so I did “ek teer se dou shikaar”. For most of decent people the solution is to carry a power bank or something of that sort but at the end of the day you need to charge your power bank as well and being reckless I have already lost one so I don’t have that option.

One day during the class, I was using my phone and in a few minutes it died. I was in the middle of an interesting Snapchat conversation so I couldn’t resist leaving the class. I went straight to the library and plugged my phone in the charging station and left for my class.

In the class, for once things started to make sense. I could understand because I wasn’t really thinking about anything else. No distraction at all, nothing to check, no new notifications, no new memes on my newsfeed. I was forced to be mindful and attentive. It also allowed me to engage. Because I can’t stay still and listen to the lecture I actually started reading the coursepack that was perhaps the most productive use of my time during the class.

Since then I didn’t care about charging my phone because there was a defined time for it. Before going for the lecture, I used to put my phone on charge in the library. I could have carried a charger or borrowed it from a friend or classmate but the whole point was to keep it away from my reach. Hence I regained my focus.  Surprisingly, this made me a better student without even doing my readings or any extra effort at all. I was only sitting in the class, skimming through the text, and engaging in discussions.

During the finals, because I am reckless I had lots of assignments to complete therefore I don’t have time to study for the exam but I knew the gist of most of the topics. So even without preparation or any prior readings I got 83 out of 100 which according to me is something worth bragging about.

Have you ever come across any such accidental productive thing throughout your academic journey? Enlighten us through your comments below.

P.S. Even I don’t know why that picture of my campus is a featured image, I tried putting up the picture of charging station it looked more awful so bear the irrelevance.

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Written by Ramsha Afaq

I am everything that begins with A. The list begins with artist, anarchist, asocial, asshole, and awesome.