Things to remember when finalizing your Schedule for the Fall Semester

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The new semester has already started and most of us really have no clue why things are running so fast. Here are a few things that you need to remember in order to avoid the panic attacks you might get after the first few weeks.

Morning classes

If you are not a morning person, university is the only time you will get to act on your comfort. DON’T take that morning class from the boring instructor, because

a) You will be late


b)You will sleep in his/her class.

I think I know what is coming for a rebuttal. ‘We have reached our schools at 8 am sharp our entire lives’. I thus prophesy:

Only the trials of time shall prove.

Breaks between classes

University classes are not the same high schools classes you guys are used to. Some instructors are human, but others (especially if you are an SSE student), they drone for the entire duration of their classes, non-stop. Some are so adept at deflecting questions or any points of interest that the students might want to throw in during the class, that the lecture basically becomes a monologue (modern physicists you better know ;). And if you zone out to your La-la land for a while, you are a goner.

So, make sure you keep a good 20 minutes break between classes if you can. Go over the notes you made, ask for the ones you missed, and take a deep breath before you dive headlong into your next class. if you are a day scholar and have any hostelite friend, phir tu neend b puri ho sakti hai (IYKWIM)

Don’t overdo it

When you come after the vacations with your mind clear, you possess the Zen-spirit, the spirit that says nothing’s impossible. Take my piece of advice: lock that Zen somewhere safe when you enroll yourself for your courses. Ask around people (and the ever helpful people on LDF too) who have taken a certain course. Ask them good precise questions about learning outcomes and course load. Don’t punish yourselves for the rest of the semester.

Don’t underdo it

In the same breath, however take some risks too. College is the time to take those ambitious courses that you thought were too tough for you. Give yourselves a challenge to work on, and you will see how much you are able to expand your abilities, and become a better version of yourselves.

Also remember the golden cliche: jitna gur daalo gay, utna meetha hoga. At LUMS, this usually translates to: tougher the course/instructor, greater the learning!

Don’t try and have more than three classes a day: Especially if they are three hours classes. Especially if one of them is a lab. Nuff said

Spend plenty of time on healthy eating and exercise

Contrary to what you may believe, university life requires, yes it absolutely requires, you to be fit as a fiddle. Eat healthy, sleep early and exercise well. Hence, it is imperative that you spare ample time for all the above activities. But at the same time, frequent khokha chillings also help you to stay motivated.

So what is your special hack to plan an easy schedule to nail the semester?

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Written by Maryam Mudassar

Student, aspiring scientist+writer+social worker + educationist.I was told by many that when I write , I get carried away, go off topic to some alternate reality. Now I realize maybe that's just how I am. You might not get what my topic says, but I assure you, it will be worth your time.