5 Weird Exam Things that Only IBAians can Relate to

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We all start off every semester with the personal vow of getting 4.0 GPA but by the time hourlies roll in, there we are. Sitting bleary eyed at 3 am, on our 5th cup of chai, skimming through the PowerPoint slides and questioning the legitimacy of the education institution and how your grades can’t measure your intelligence, you secretly keep hoping to manage to pass with a B. Welcome to IBA.

Where is the examination hall?

I have no idea how many times I’ve lost my way in IBA, especially during the exams. I still don’t know the difference between Tabba’s North Wing and its South. What I do know is that IBA releases 10 revised exam schedules hence even if you end up missing out on any one of them, you’ll have to walk like a crazy person in order to find your room from building to building. On the plus side, you’ll lose a few kilos with everything you know about the exam.

The killer stare

Once you actually make it to the exam room, invigilators glare at you so hard that you end up feeling like an inmate planning your next big prison break when all you’re thinking is, ‘ I forgot my calculator so I guess it’s time to pray…’

Sorry, do I even know you?

One time this person whispered “Oye tell me the answer of Q1 part a…” and I was so afraid of getting caught I pretended to be deaf for the whole duration of that exam and consequently for the semester.

What am I doing here?

Some exams are so difficult; you just give up, leave the examination room and make your way to Chenak where you contemplate why you ever thought coming to IBA was a good idea while you stare at the crows in the sky thinking how easier life would be if you could just be a crow. Oh and by some exams, I mean every single one of them. If it’s easy, you’re not doing it right.

No peaceful peeing

After you finish the exam, and you’ve been controlling the call of nature for quite some time, the first thing after handing your paper to the invigilator would be to rush towards the restroom. Logical. Yeah no, you can forget about it. You’re supposed to leave the floor immediately and find somewhere else to use the loo. As if there aren’t enough problems in our lives already.

However, if the guard is kind enough to let you pass, you’ll have to go through the excruciating process of being checked after which he or she will accompany you to the restroom. Great, now you can’t even pee in peace.

Good luck with trying to get your grades up by begging the instructors. A secret tip, glycerin is going be your best friend.

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