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Easy Hacks to Deal with Noisy Seniors in the Quiet Lab

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Imagine. For some reason, you have decided to pull an all-nighter, which in LUMS, does NOT happen once in a blue moon. After chugging a few cups of coffee, you’re supercharged to study. You have brought your coursepacks, all your stationary and most importantly your huge ‘will’ to study. You decide to block everyone out and study in peace. You go and sit in the Quiet Lab. Everything is going according to the plan. Except for one thing: The Quiet Lab is everything BUT Quiet. A group of students in the back, who appear to be seniors couldn’t-care-less-attitude, just won’t stop chatting incessantly.

The clock is ticking, and with every second passing by, you’re closer to your quiz, or the deadline of that essay you haven’t started yet. You try to desensitize yourself to their jibber-jabber but boy do you fail. We have all been there. There are a few ways to cope with that noise, though:


The easiest and probably the best way to tune-out the constant chatter is to plug-in your headphones and play some music that actually helps you concentrate. Try some instrumentals or you can try a sound masking app that offers music and nature sounds that help you focus.

Switch your seat

One of the biggest nightmares of a Lab-goer is not bringing headphones. So, in case you forgot to bring your headphones, and you’re lucky enough to find another vacant computer, just switch you place to a more ‘quieter’ one.

Talk to them

Okay so life isn’t going how you planned it would (typical). You forgot your headphones, and you’re too lazy to switch your seat, or you can’t find another vacant computer. You can always go and ask them politely to keep the noise down,

Complain to the IST in-charge

If nothing works in your favor, you can talk to the Lab in-charge. Go to them quietly, tell them about the noisy group, and slide down back into your seat. They won’t even know that you have complained and your work will be done 😉

What is your proficient way of dealing with super noisy seniors in the quiet lab?

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Written by Faizan Babar

Student at LUMS majoring in Management Science. I’m an existential narcissist who loves to read Astronomy, Cosmology, Philosophy, Psychology, Metaphysics, Poetry and Classic Novels. A die-hard Nolan fan, a mild OCD, an amateur poet, and a phony who hates phonies.