5 Reasons You should Definitely Attend the Dramaline Orientation

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If you want a taste of the skilfulness, finesse, and creativity at one place, LUMS’ Dramaline is your answer! Make your way to SC-1 on Wednesday with your friends, and be prepared to be amazed.

Wondering why dramaline? Here are reasons why,

1. Saaray launday/laundiyan hamaray fine (DRAMALINE, DRAMALINE!)

Yes, the infamous naaray, along with Hello, how are you? I am fine. DRAMALINE DRAMALINE.

That is definitely not all that Dramaline is. All our members are driven, motivated, resourceful, loyal (well, a few at least) and most importantly, hardworking.


You’ll get to witness all this beauty manifest in its truest form in our Orientation – 8 PM, SC-1 (above Superstore) on Wednesday, the 20th of September.

2. We’re having a few performances!

That’s right! Our Production Directors have been working hard to make a mini-play come to life.

Because Dramaline’s mission is to spur budding theatrical talent among the youth of Pakistan, it is important to showcase the extremely talented playwrights, directors, and actors that we have.


Also, I will be dancing, so I’m giving you the opportunity to laugh at someone, on a silver platter. Get your Snapchats ready, while I prepare myself for some good old humiliation… *-_- emoji.*

3. There may be a special guest appearance!

Yes, someone you may know of might be gracing us with his/her presence at SC-1 on the 20th of September. If you want something interesting to go on your Snapchat story… 8 PM, people.

And if you think that such appearances happen just in our Orientation, you’re in for a big surprise come Dramafest 😉

4. We’re having games and giveaways

Just us telling you what Dramaline is and what we do is definitely gonna make you walk out the same doors of SC-1 you walked in from. (we’re honest people, see :P)

We will be having some games in which if you participate, you could be winning special prizes (our shirts and mugs are special), brownie points, and bragging rights!

5. There is a place for everyone

In all seriousness, whatever you may have heard of our society being solely for actors and directors is wrong. When you come to the Orientation, you will realize that there really is a place for everyone.

If you want to be a part of our events, of our society, of our cause, you will realize that there is soooooo much more to Dramaline than just plays. Productions is just one department – we have Public Relations, Social Events, Marketing, Publicity, Digital Media, Technicals, and what not.

The last thing we want is to create a society that is made for one specific group of people; we want to create a society that ensures that everyone who wants to be a part of a production or an event will get an opportunity to help out and experience whatever Dramaline has to offer, and you get to share in our happiness, shughal and success.

So don’t forget, Orientation – 8 PM, SC-1 (above Superstore) on Wednesday, the 20th of September. 

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/352745241832890/

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