You Can’t Even Imagine How Female Luminites Decorate their Rooms

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One common question that almost all hostelites have been asked is “tum logo ko ghar ki yaad nhi aati?” Obviously, we too miss being with our family, having dinner together, fighting with siblings over petty issues, and being pampered by parents. Above all, that homey feeling when you are in your bed, reading your favorite book with a cup of hot chocolate – we miss every single thing.

So if we miss all these things so much, how do we manage to stay so strong, away from home for months? well, the answer is pretty simple, by making LUMS our second home.

Along with having a LUMS family, we also have our LUMS Home – our small, cozy, and well-maintained dorm rooms. You can’t even imagine how creative female hostelites can be when it comes to decorating their rooms and making themselves feel at home. Don’t believe me? Here are a few pictures of the extraordinary LUMS dorm rooms to leave stunned.

1. What do you think from where we get the inspiration to explore the world?

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2. Who says EE people have their nose dug in books all the time? The walls of their room speak a different story…

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3. Yes we are emotional! Because we listen to our hearts…

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4. So what do you think inspires us to stay up and work all night? Not fairy tales but fairy lights…

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5. Yes it’s a regular LUMS dorm room. Unbelievable right?

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6. Yes I’m a mess but I dare to DREAM! Do you?

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7. Why don’t I get tired? Because I wake up to these inspirations…

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8. Why am I not out for late night chillings? Because my room’s warmth keeps me occupied

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9. Yes I’m free to bloom and fly…

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So boys what do you think, can give girls a tough competition here?

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What do you think?

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