Dear Terrorists, We are Stronger than What You Think!

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Dear Terrorists,

I don’t know who you are and what you want. I might never know the reasons behind your barbarous act of killing innocent lives who had no grudges against you. But there is certainly one very important thing that you need to know before celebrating your triumph, WE ARE NOT SCARED!

Today, you took away so many lives of our beloved friends. Those who were working hard to make a living. Those who were the strength of someone’s life. Those who were raising families for a better future.  Those who were living a normal happy life. Those who feared god and believed in peace and equality. You haven’t killed just a few people, but have slaughtered the whole of humanity. And if this is what your victory’s all about then you should inform your bosses, ‘mission accomplished‘. However, the battle is not over yet, as we are not ready to give up.

Being a luminite, today I realized that LUMS is much more than just an institute. It’s a community that teaches us to value, respect and protect others’ lives. It comes as a responsibility to take care of each others’ security to avoid unwanted circumstances. This sense of community has strengthened even more over the past few weeks when the institute is under serious threats of terrorist attacks.

Many people might think that we, Pakistanis, have lost the sense of community a long time ago, and have become immune to other physical and emotional distress. This is certainly not true. Maybe we are a small community which cannot represent the situation of the entire state, but our contribution can’t simply be suppressed.

It is such an overwhelming feeling to see day-scholars (students living in Lahore) being so concerned about the security of their hostelites friends who are living here on campus. The university’s official discussion forum is flooded with open invitations from day-scholars to hostelites. They are more than willing to open their homes for their friends, who can stay there as long as they want. Not only this, people are also offering rides to lumities who are not even their friends to ensure they reach home safely.



Moreover, those who cannot offer any of these things are up for providing emotional support to their scared fellows. Societies are organizing awareness sessions and peaceful protests to combat the chaos. Sessions are being conducted in the masjid for the restoration of inner peace. But this one act literally left me speechless when a student went up to a security guard, who are guarding the entrance and exit gate 24/7, and said that you people are not alone protecting the campus, we (students) are all here to fight to for your safety.

So, Mr. terrorist, no matter how indestructible you think your plans are, we are stronger than what you think. We know how to fight and protect our campus and our mates, who we regard as our family. We believe in love which is far more powerful than any of your weapons!

Love and Peace,
LUMS Community!

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