21 AHS Reactions Every Habib Student Can Relate To While Writing Their Core Essay

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Each semester Habibies are forced enrolled into a very amazing course that falls under the category of Liberal Core. Some of us get accustomed to these struggles within a year but well not all of us. For many, especially the SSE majors, the core essay is nothing less than a horror story that will haunt you for a week every month of the semester until you finally graduate.

Here are 21 American Horror Story reactions that perfectly captures the essence of writing the core essay.

1. When you get the prompt

2. When the deadline is 24 hours away

3. When you actually read the prompt and try to understand the french written there

4. When you muster up the courage to begin even though you don’t get anything

5. When you realize you should have started it earlier


6. When you are sure that you just CAN’T


7. When your friends inquire you about your core essay

8. When your friends give you an unnecessary lecture to motivate you


9. But it only makes you feel worse because they’ve already submitted their essay

10. So you ask them to send you their essay (just for reference purpose)


11. When you receive their email


12. When you think rephrasing will work so you begin again


13. When you think of trying your luck with spinbot

14. When you realize that this won’t work as easily as you initially assumed

15. So you stop and give yourself a reality check about your potential

16. When you get back on the right track to start writing again

17. When you finally submit the essay on time

18. Or in my case, when you fail to do so

19. When you think you’ll make up an excuse and cover it all smoothly


20. When it’s been over a week but you haven’t yet submitted that core essay


21. When you accept the fact that nothing can help you at this point so you just let it go


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Written by Ramsha Afaq

I am everything that begins with A. The list begins with artist, anarchist, asocial, asshole, and awesome.