6 Things Freshies Should Know Before the Official Start of the Fall Semester!

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There are numerous reasons that make Fall semester more pressuring than the Spring Semester. Whether it is the Calculus enrollment enigma, literally a race to get your favorite instructor’s class, getting used to the lies of RO, the forced enrolled 2 hours long 8 am classes, or 3-4 hours long labs (Poor SSE souls!), its not easy to go smoothly. Fall semester gives freshies a warm welcome in the form of O-week accompanied with a lot of frustration to nail the semester. The drastically increasing workload, fear of not getting good grades, and keeping up with the disciplinary policies of the campus – seriously, there’s a lot to handle.

Here Comes the Enrollment!

When scared freshies enter the deadly arena of enrollment led by RO (the most truthful authority on the earth), the delight of the best part of their life at LUMS turns into the misery of course clashes and messed up class schedule. And the feel of starting a semester with a screwed up schedule, is really haunting though!


RO, you liar!

Either me or Calculus!

Freshies taking Calculus, which is a university core, usually end up with unexpectedly horrible grades. Calculus is probably the biggest challenge that poor freshies face in Fall Semester. But then obviously, there are also those thetas who raise mean and receive a lot of hatred from the entire batch as a reward.


Either die or kill calculus.

Eat, Sleep, Skip Classes, Repeat!

As soon as the add&drop period comes to an end, there is an inevitable shower of assignments and quizzes. How to complete them? Either skip other classes or don’t sleep, because missing on khokha chillings is gunah-e-kabirah 😛

Skipping one class to complete the assignment of another class is no big deal.


God, Why me?

After spending hours on practice and solving the sample quizzes, you still score ‘bad’ in the exams and start blaming God for this. Even pulling a nighter brings no good to you, especially when you are enrolled in cursed courses like POFA or mechanics.

So be easy and relaxed, its not just you. Everyone is screwed up!


Exams, exams, exams, what should I do?

As soon as you start getting familiar with your exceptionally hectic schedule, exams show up. And don’t even expect one exam a day. Here you will come to know how does it feel to have 3 exams in a day.
And back in A levels, you used to curse British Council for consecutive exams… HAHAHA!


Zambeel, Please show some mercy!

Its justified to hate Zambeel for its complex interface and your screwed up timetable. But when it comes to your C or D grades, don’t hold Zambeel responsible. Cursing it wont improve your grade.


Which one of these has been the toughest for you?

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Written by Usama Imam

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS.
Believer before a dreamer.
Simplicity, respect, patience and attitude.