5 Unusual Types of Instructor You Will Find at IBA

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When it comes to instructors at IBA, yes we all know they are amongst the best. But at times attending their classes is no less than a torture. While some of them are actually fun to be around, others are utterly unbearable. If you are from IBA, you must have come across an instructor with the following weird traits.

1. The Dhandaybaaz

“Ammi jaan kehti theen koi dhanda chhota nahi hota…aur dhande se bara koi dharm nahi hota…” Well some professors take this mantra very seriously. Our instructor once said, “Tum logo ko parhanay nae ata main, dhanda karnay ata hun dhanda.” (Creative, considering Raees wasn’t even released by then.)  Lack of attendance and quizzes with shitty marks as a cherry on top, lovely isn’t it?


2. The Narcissist

instructors at IBA
You’ll encounter this one at least once before you graduate. The kind who asks you all to Google him in the first lecture and makes you sing songs about his awesomeness.

He won’t understand that you have a life (HA! Technically you don’t) and other courses because he simply can’t fathom what else would be more important than him. You’ll have to laugh at EVERY lame joke he cracks (Beta apnay A level kiya hai ya B level), best get a Botox with that permanent smile and nod until your head falls off. Want to score an A? Lifting is the way to go.

3. The Autodidact

The instructor who teaches himself. Not only are we unable to hear a word he speaks, but also he points towards the slides or the board and just stares at it expecting us to understand everything miraculously. We all wish to throttle him but usually, he’s too old (probably from the 19th century) and too cute for us to do so.

4. The Discriminator

This instructor at IBA dearly hates you and will go to great lengths to prove that. You’re not really sure what you did to piss him off but if those zeroes on every test are any indication, you’ll fail the course.

Pro-tip: drop if before it’s too late. He’ll make it his life goal to embarrass you, alone and in front of others. If you ask him a question he can’t answer the tables will turn and you will be the one answering how you would survive in the corporate world without his help. Gee thanks!

5. The roundabouts

This one is a real gem. No matter whether you’re studying postmodernism or the strain theory, he’ll find a way to talk
about his life in every topic with examples which will make you scream, “TMI!” Why on Earth would I care about the torture that your wife inflicts upon you?! There’s no going forward with this one, the course outline is his life story. He’s done with life and he’ll make your life living hell.


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