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5 Hilarious Things happening at LUMS Hostel that Day Scholars don’t know about

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Going back to home and having a tasteful dinner with your family after a tiring day at campus is no less than a blessing. In LUMS, sheer good luck like this is enjoyed by day scholars only. What about the hostelites? Ah, poor hostelites! They have to end up their day with PDC’s oily sabzi and impossible-to-chew roti but that’s not all. Have a look at these 5 hilarious things that revitalizes our bicharey hostelites.


1. The deserted alleyways are scary at night

The hostel wings are not always jammed with super cool people playing guitars and laughing out loud. Living in hostels like M5 and M6 with 5 floors each, the nights are scary. Witnessing a dark wing at night scares the hell out of most boys, but obviously the brave studs won’t admit it.


2. Somebody please re-tune this Internet Adapter! Please!

Okay, so for the pals from other universities who say LUMS has got the best dormitories, you haven’t used our internet bro! When you need to submit Islamiyat’s CP urgently or enroll into SALT 114 course before others, the internet starts gasping for breaths. Sit right beneath the router otherwise you are gone!


3. The “Safest” Refrigerator

In the beginning of the year, a lot of freshmen are seen crying over the spilt milk. But that’s just the beginning freshies! The crimes related to this common fridge are more intense and mysterious. Whether it is your half-drunk energy drink, the cake for your friend’s surprise birthday party, or your favorite dish sent by your mom all the way from Chitral, they are going to eat it all. By everything, we literally mean everything.



4. The “Common” Room: the activities here are not very common though

The entry to LUMS common rooms is on “First come first serve” basis. Most of the time, the common rooms are preoccupied by seniors and juniors. By putting a ‘ghadha’ (mattress) there, you make common room your ‘dada ki jageer’. But if you have any mattress, sleep on someone else’s mattresses when they are not around 😉
Plus, if you think HUM k dramey are only famous in girls’ dorm, you should see this!


5. Who’s gonna clean this mess

For people suffering from mild OCD, hostel life is going to be pretty tough for you. When you wake up rubbing your eyes and head towards the bathroom with your face-wash, toothpaste, and brush, nothing can be grosser than witnessing a sink clogged with hair and a topping of shaving foam.

It won’t be wrong to say that hostel life is full of frustrating challenges. Why? Simply because your mom is not there to clean up your mess, your  sister’s no there to bring food onto your bed, nor your father to give you some extra pocket money. Even after all these limitations, the moments spent in the dorms are priceless.

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Written by Usama Imam

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