5 Common Myths about Love Life at LUMS

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If you find yourself on this page without a pop-up window hindering whatever you were doing, chances are that you’re one of those who’re desperately trying to unveil the truth behind love life at LUMS. So here I am, trying to make it easy for you.


1. Girls Are More Into This Relationship Business Than Boys Are

Oh my sweet summer child let me tell you that you’re wrong here. Firstly, not all girls are looking for their significant other as soon as university starts. Secondly, guys need to understand that every girl they meet will not want to be their wife. Sometimes, (this can be read as plenty of times too; whatever suits your gender), girls are just in it for the sake of fun too. I’m not saying this is the case every time, but guys can be just as serious as girls, likewise, girls can be just as ‘playful’ as boys. Better get that gender role rubbish out of your head before assuming stuff about your significant other.


2. You’re Going to Pull of That ‘Friends with Benefits’ Thing You Had at The Start of Junior Year

Really? You thought so? As if movies like ‘Friends with Benefits’ and ‘No Strings Attached’ taught you nothing? Honey, you need to realize that at some point or the other, you are going to see that one of you needs a little more than you’re willing to give. Maybe not as much as movies and books tell you; but it’s definitely going to get a liiiittle more than mere friends. So if you’re really not interested, good luck dodging that bullet.


3. You Won’t Ever Get Over That Breakup

He/she was the one? Remember that time you thought your friend was going to remember her ex-boyfriend for the rest of her life? Well, look at her now, happy and content with her new fiancé. Such is love life at LUMS. One year, you’re head over heels crazy for someone; the next year, you realize that life is much more than crying over a bad breakup.


4. The Rescue Fantasy

This one, I’ve personally seen happening. The best way to describe it is with the help of Cinderella’s story – waiting for someone to come and save you from the disaster that is your life. Newsflash: Sweetie, you’re not Cinderella. And neither is your boyfriend the prince who is going to take you out of your misery. Your partner can only do as much as you can, so if you’re going through a shitty phase in your life, do not expect your partner to be your unofficial therapist and wave a magic wand to fix all your issues. Partners can, at times, provide you with enough love to fix the detested hole in your heart, but very few have the about to stick by you when you treat them like a rescue agent over the course of your university life.


5. Living Happily Ever After

I’m sure you would have anticipated this one by now. It’s true that some of the couples who made it through university do end up together, but why don’t we talk about the majority who do not? Why don’t we talk about those who end things because they want to a job their partner’s parents won’t approve of, or because they want to go abroad for masters and their significant other is not smart enough to dodge all those rishta aunties? Also, let’s not forget the fact that practical life does change you. If you’ve survived LUMS, it does not necessarily mean that you can survive practical life too.

What are the other common myths that you have heard about the LoveLife@LUMS?

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Written by Tehreem Alam

Self-proclaimed tea addict and chocolate junkie; likes to catch up on sleep in spare time. Full time feminist; part time traveller. Believes that the acme of life can be reached with the help of music. I also write at times.