17 Mr. Bean Moments that every LUMS’ Freshman Can Relate To

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Oweek coaches usually say “you will never be able to describe your freshman year experience in words”. Why? Because, it’s the freshman year and you’re gonna be for the next four year (Taylor Swift’s Fifteen plays in the background). The first year is such an undulating journey that a single word or phrase is not enough to describe every bit of its excitement, madness, nervousness, drama, goofiness, and above all the fact that you have successfully survived the toughest year of your college life.
But our very own Mr. Bean might help you to cover the most of it. Here are the 17 best Mr. Mean moments that freshmen luminites can relate to.

1. When you feel like using every bit of PDC’s resources.

P.S sirf tissue hi free resource hai yar 😛

2. When pulling nighters get you nothing but a D in calculus.

3. When the ID card curse follows you even to the college.


4. Two CPs in one Management class, BRAVO!!


5. When everyone gets 200/100 in finals,‘Baber Qureshi, you beauty’.

6. After treating your friends at jamin’

But obviously it’s gonna be your first and last birthday treat in LUMS.

7. Mechanics at 8, Sleeping at 7:30

But Adam Zaman is too cool to notice you even in the first row.

8. Hafta chorengey per mufta nhi

Seminars at Academic Block be like.

9. When you know you have screwed up the upcoming POFA quiz.


10. When PDC ki char din purani masur ki daal hits you for the first time.

picture abhi baqi hai mere dost *evil laughs*

11. SSE? Enough of workout for a day.


12. When you find yourself alone in the dorm washroom.

I’m sexy and I know it 😉


13. ‘Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you’. (Fifteen plays again)

14. When the breakfast countdown begin!

15. Successful gaming session without getting caught on quite lab’s camera,

catch me if you can!


16. When you and your cal guru fail the exam together

“Aaaaap bhe…”


17. Then the year finally ends and your GPA’s out,


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