15 Stages Every Luminite Encounters while Compiling their WnC Essay

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What is the best thing about Writing and Communication (WnC) at LUMS? Pretty simple, the course has no mids, no finals. What about the worst thing? **No we are not talking about being taught by Amina Khalid** So the sad part is that you have to write, write, and write.

Starting from 1500 words essay and 2000 words critical analysis to 3000 words research essay, you have to research and write a lot. Apparently, three writings in one semester aren’t too much, but procrastination makes it all impossible!

No matter whether you have been given a week or a month’s time to complete your essay, you’ll waste most of it till no time’s left to further delay it. So here are 15 hilarious moments that you will definitely encounter while completing your WnC essay.

1. The deadline is approaching faster than speed of light.

2. And there’s no running away.

3. When your friends say you should have started it weeks ago,

4. It starts hitting you harder when you get to know some students have already completed it.

5. And you have no clue from where to begin.

6. You decide to spend another day to pull yourself together to write.

7. BAM! And its night before the submission and you haven’t started yet!

8. C’mon guys, I need 3 supporting arguments and one rebuttal ONLY.

9. Okay! Its time to do it!

10. You go to the Quite Lab but all the systems are taken.

11. And even Google has nothing relevant to present you with.

12. Trying hard to make 3000 words from 500 words.

13. While proofreading, “What a piece of crap is this!”

14. Self-consolation phase: well actually its not that bad!

15. And when you finally submit it, you need an everlasting break! Yes!


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