15 FRIENDS Moments That Every Final Year Luminite Can Relate To

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It feels like yesterday when you were all excited for your Oweek and couldn’t get over the fact that you will be spending the next four years of your life at LUMS. But now all of a sudden, you realize that you have become a senior and its your final year in the campus. I know I know, all these leaving discussions kick a killing anxiety in your heart and you don’t feel saying goodbye to this incredible place ever. But the end is inevitable.

Before this year ends, there are several things that you will encounter. Some of the final year moments have been told best by FRIENDS, and here they are,

  1. Sudden realization that you are no more a soph or junior but a SENIOR!!

  2. You are either seen in the library or the library.

  3. Yet you don’t give up on your procrastination skills. ‘Dude I’m a pro‘!

  4. You can’t even image of surviving your last year without tons of coffee supply and other essential supplies too. 😉

  5. Every event ends on an emotional note. ‘We won’t be together next year‘.

  6. But then your final research paper forces you to runaway.

  7. No matter how introvert you are, towards the end you do have your own SQUAD.

  8. And whatever happens, they are always there to cheer you up.

  9. When you think about the batch nights and raves, ‘well the final year is not that bad‘. 😉

  10. If you are a hostelite, you must have mastered the art of cooking, even though its just noodles.

  11.  Final year so what! I still need money from home.

  12. But you also try hard to motivate yourself for the exhausting job hunting phase awaiting you.

  13. At times, it hits you randomly that you are actually LEAVING!!

  14. But when your final exams end, you part like never before.


  15.  Its hard to say goodbye, but then you have to leave.


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