14 Times You Wanted To Punch LUMS Right in the Face

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If you think that getting into LUMS is the most difficult task you have achieved so far in your life, THINK AGAIN! Because getting into LUMS is easy but surviving its tough life is really a hard nut to crack. Undoubtedly, LUMS holds endless charms that attract the cream of students from all over the Pakistan, but there are some policies and events that might provoke you to punch the management right in their faces. Following are some examples:

1. When you wake early for an 8 am lecture even though you slept at dawn, run about a mile to reach on time just to find out that the class has been cancelled.


2. When the only lecture you miss is not going to be uploaded on LMS

3. When you have three finals on a single day, and that too on SUNDAY.

Who says its weekend? there’s is no such thing as weekend in LUMS.

4. When you buy second-hand books from seniors before the semester begins (to save money) and find out the edition has been changed.


5. When you buy expensive coursepack from canotech and the instructor uploads its pdf on lms (or is not following the text).


6. When you have to work on a project with people least bother about their GPA, and everything has to be done by you.

Is it really a GROUP assignment??

7. When the administration decides to allot double occupancy rooms instead of triple without informing students, and then presents them with a voucher of extra accommodation fee.

Such Thug Life

8. When you rush form academic block to SDSB. Sit in the class and no one shows up. You feel weird. Check Zambeel and then find out that class has been relocated to academic block by RO.

This RO game is so damn strong!!

9. When you spend more time on bibliography/citation than on the actual WnC research essays.

10. When you pull an all-nighter to complete your assignment but the instructor extends the deadline.

11. When you miss only one lecture and instructor takes two unannounced quizzes, one cp quiz and reveals the secret of Bermuda Triangle.

I’m doomed and i know it 😀

12. When you go to the library in the final week, fortunate enough to find a cubicle but then figure out that its port is broken.


13. When the instructor mails you right before Eid holidays about quizzes or assignment and writes “enjoy holidays” in the end.

Such ethics…

14. When you realize that despite all the students council and RO mails regarding ragging and harassment, DAKU DAY is still an official day to celebrate ragging.



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