13 Types of Roommates You Will Come Across in LUMS’ Hostels

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Life at LUMS begins with a lot of surprises, excitement, pressure and thrill that carve an ever-lasting impression on your  personality.

Out of the many things on campus that teach you a lifelong lesson, your first roommate comes somewhere on the top of the list. But it won’t be wrong to say that your roommate in the freshman year can be a surprise indeed.

Listed here are types of room-mates you may come across in LUMS. (You get a better pick, only if you’re lucky enough) 😉

1. The Cool Guy

A rare possibility is that your roommate is a cool guy who takes it all easy.

You are really going to enjoy talking to him and will also get a chance to talk to the girls/guys he interacts with (Bonus!). But these guys are usually pretty good in “Games”. So keep your eyse open and don’t say yes to everything they say.


2. The Crazy Adventurous Guy

 Lets go out, lets party, lets sit at khokha, lets chill. These are their takiya kalams. They love to travel and do spontaneous crazy stuff. You’ll always like to hang out with him.

“Boi party scene on karo yar” 😉


3. The deep philosopher

This guy remains busy in brain-storming about life, religion, politics, faith, and every other philosophical topic. But is never done with any of their assignments.


4. The nerd

This is the guy who nails calculus I. (enough reasons to hate him). He’ll keep on discussing limits and theorems in front of his poor roommate.

“mene tu sarey webwork assignments pheley hi karliye hain”


5. Dukhi Aatma

Well this person is a victim of break-up(s). Or maybe he just likes to be depressed.
“Kia rakha hai iss zindagi me. Sirf dukh aur dard” or “Come to the dark side” 😛


6. The Smoker Guy

They tend to embarrass you by knocking at random doors and asking for suttas.

No matter what you do, they won’t keep their suttas down.

“tu kahan session lagana hai? Amsterdam ya Old Lahore?”


7. The superstitious guy

This person is responsible for all your mini heart attacks. Whenever you enter room, he’ll start ranting about the upcoming quizzes, due assignments, exams, society work and what not.


8. Super-cautious

They are among those who is way more cautious about things. They lock everything, even themselves. It’s an obligation to inform them before going to the washroom otherwise you are gone.

“yar tum darwana lock kiye bagair hi pani peeney chaley gae. It’s not safe dude, meri underwear chori hojti tu”.


9. The Calorie Calculator Guy

Health freak rommates are so conscious about their diet plan and workout that they can literally weigh their food before eating. “Dupair ko 2 daney chawal k extra khaye the, ab 2 din tk no chawal”

10. The inspirational One

He might not have achieved anything substantial in his lives but will always be a muu miyan mithuu.


11. The KPK Guy

Hum queetay ka pathan hai
apna naam sher khan hai

At times they are so handsome that many karachiites think of them as exchange students. But bicharey thorey bongey hotey hain.


12. The Ultimate Pindi Boy

And then comes our super confident and fully charged Pindi boys. Trust me, they are a bit overrated. They are not usually seen in bright yellow shirts and pinks jeans, not at least in LUMS (sad).

13. Error 404: The Karachiite

Honestly, I’m not sure whether having a karachiite as your roommate is a blessing or curse. Yes they will pretend as if they know all the shit about everything (trust me, most of the times, they do know). Yes they will have huge group of cool karachiites who are always into each other (Nixor or Lycuiem sari awaam LUMS me hi hoti hai). Yes they do have monopoly in elections and societies (elections me apna karachi boi khara horaha hai). But winning a karachiite means winning a good portion of the student body.

So in which category does your roommate fall? If he’s a unique piece of his own kind, do let us know 😉

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Written by Usama Imam

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS.
Believer before a dreamer.
Simplicity, respect, patience and attitude.