12 Courage the Cowardly Dog Gifs That Every Habib Student Can Relate To

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If you thought Habib University is a party school, you’re in for a big surprise. Everything is as not good as the marketing team likes to promote. That’s not to say, they don’t deliver what they promise, but are you actually ready for it? Following Courage the Cowardly Dog GIFS explains the struggle of every new Habib student:

1. The campus, literally being built in the middle of nowhere

2. Dr. Nauman Naqvi and the liberal arts curriculum, basically

3. When you have to write a paper completely unrelated to your major

4. When you’re finishing your week-long due paper an hour before the due date because you had other papers as well

5. When you get shitty marks on the bullshit you wrote

6. And then, you get another prompt for another paper in your email

7. When your courses make you question your identity

8. And Computational Thinking or Logical Problem Solving basically want you to, well…

9. But when it’s Shahram’s class, you’re just like

10. When counseling sessions don’t really help

11. You can’t relate to this GIF because you’re a Habib student

12. But we all stick together to voice our thoughts when we have a major problem

13. Even if Town Hall meetings don’t work in our favor

14. And the workload from all your courses gets you like

15. When Week 15 is near…

16. Colonialism and nationalism have distorted our understanding of history. But when we start realizing things, the feeling isn’t exactly pleasant.

17. But then, you learn about Neoliberalism and realize Habib practices everything it teaches against.

18. There will be times when you feel that inclusiveness and pluralism is just a facade.

19. When you show up to the class without doing your readings.

20. When you make peace with the Anthropocene annihilating all of us.

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