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A student-led publication focusing on the campus life all across Pakistan.We handpick the most-bloody-awesome content from around the web (and sometimes we steal content from our friends too). This allows us to show you a different image. The image that’s not pixel perfect but it’s very real and alive.  Basically, you get to access a lot of filtered content on internet about the campus life but there’s no one stop to skim it all. We’re trying to be that one interactive station where you get to know everything that goes around. In other words, if it’s happening then it’s featured here but don’t confuse us with one of those news/events announcement websites. We’re kind of a big deal.

When I explained the idea for this project to a friend, the impulsive response was “So you’re trying to become the Buzzfeed for Colleges?” Hesitantly I replied, “No it’s a different thing”.

That kind of saved me for a while but my conscience knew the reality. Truth be told, it’s not a website or blog. It’s a student collective. The webpage you’re reading is only an outlet of expression, a medium of communication, and a platform to share a stage with hundreds of other students.

We’re beginning our journey from the dream university of most Pakistanis i.e. LUMS but our plans include covering every other existing higher education institute so tension not, yours could be the next.

If you’re interested to begin a chapter at your university then sign-up as the campusador here.

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It’s a “for students, by students” kind of thing only much more cool because we’re not limiting it.

  • It’s for people who don’t want the college experience to be restricted to their GPA.
  • It’s for those who love to treasure new experiences in one form or other and are willing to share with the world.
  • It’s for those alumnus not in the mood to work, sitting idle at their workplace and trying to kill some time. Or getting hit by an intense nostalgic toufaan.
  • It’s for high schoolers who aspire to be at one of these places soon, thinking university ka mahol kitna chill hota hai. (Ao beta pata chalega)
  • It’s for undergrads looking for distraction to get away with the pressure of completing their assignments or just casually probing about what goes around on their campus as well as at other institutions.
  • It’s also for stalker parents who want to know everything about this place which you’ve started to like more than your own home. We take no responsibility if they found about your haram activities on campus, you were supposed to be in the library or classroom only.
  • It’s for people who worship pop culture and share memes when they’re depressed. You know the rare lifeless breed that wouldn’t mind binging on FRIENDS over a night out with friends.

All in all, it’s for the people like you and me, who might not fit into one of the above groups or maybe we do but it just doesn’t matter. I can surely present it in the most philosophical way and justify your every minute spend on this site but it’s really just another procrastination website on the internet.

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Because that’s what we’re covering, the 1001 dimensions of life at campus which everyone treats as nothing less than a cult. Most of us don’t see it as such though but if you look closely the signs are clear. Ssshhh… let’s not head over to the dark side, it’s just the beginning.

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From the taste of freshly brewed PDC’s elaichi chai, the view from poondi bench, the secret life of students inside DRs, to the 3 a.m. karaoke session at Khokha. We cover it all. Once a wise man said, CampusCult per apki soch se zyada categories hain. Judgmental ho kar F.A.Q parhne se behtar hai website explore karley. You’ll get to see what I am talking about.

More details can be found here.

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Short answer: Because favoritism, resourcefulness and laziness of the mastermind behind CampusCult.

Long answer: Because the short answer is so legit we just couldn’t ignore it. Secondly, there’s a lot going on within the chaar diwaari of LUMS so much that even a student who resides at campus can’t track about all the events. Plus, a lot of people other than the luminites have this strange curiosity to know about the exclusive stories. It’s a perfect place to begin with because people really aspire to be here (check your privilege, dear Luminites) and we’re addressing those who’re not here as much as those who are a part of this amazing community.


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