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    Open Letter to the Class of 2022

    Whether you got into your dream school or not, whether you’re studying what you wanted or it was parental pressure, I want you to know you are quite lucky to be where you are. Just being in a university for 3-5 years will transform you. Today, we’ll not talk about differences. Today, the debate about […]

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    Loans or Lagaan? – Student Loan Rant of a Habib Student

    We’ve already written about the heavy student loans that Habib University students dread throughout the semester so won’t go into details also I am lazy. While we never actually thought of it while enrolling, it all seemed so easy and convenient we said yes when loan was offered but turns out we are way too […]

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    5 Reasons You should Definitely Attend the Dramaline Orientation

    If you want a taste of the skilfulness, finesse, and creativity at one place, LUMS’ Dramaline is your answer! Make your way to SC-1 on Wednesday with your friends, and be prepared to be amazed. Wondering why dramaline? Here are reasons why, 1. Saaray launday/laundiyan hamaray fine (DRAMALINE, DRAMALINE!) Yes, the infamous naaray, along with […]

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    Struggles of summer semester at LUMS

    Summer Semester be like

    Its summer. You must be packing and going home. Right? But o wait “did you enroll for summer semester?’. Damn you just have fallen into the trap. Now forget all those “get-together” and “reunion” plans and all those “trips” to refresh yourself because you are not going ANYWHERE. Enjoy LUMS LIFE and relate to following […]

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    15 Mainstream Stages of Love Life on Campus

    love life on campus

    Whether we admit it or not, as the O-week begins, we all start wondering how’s love life on campus. The first item on our to-do list? Checking out potential hotties and OhGodNo’s all around campus. As if they are just pictures on Tinder, you keep swiping left or right wondering who you might actually end […]

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    15 Matrix GIFs that explain the Life of a HU Student

    Matrix is a complex which encompasses all the elements that are required to form a cosmos, it deceives your mind by making it believe that the constructed reality of the matrix is the Ultimate reality. But things don’t remain the same when you enter HU premises. Here are the most relatable Matrix GIFs that explain […]